Are the tickets are together?

Yes. guarantee that tickets will be correlative while single tickets, so for purchases of 2 or 3 inputs these will always together. For orders larger amount always it will try to go the whole group together or as close as possible.

Did I arrived the tickets in time? How long will it take to arrive?, dedicated to the Distribution of tickets for sporting events has been operating since 2004 with an index of Indecency in 2011 of 0.0031 percent of shipments.

In 2012 39.000 reserves were managed with less than 9 incidents of loss or theft thereof.

Our experience is key to ensuring the customer that their order will be delivered within the specified period.

If the sale is made the day before the event or the day of the event tickets may only be delivered in a direction of the community is the same (home address or hotel).

Should not have delivery address community event, a messenger of will make delivery of tickets on arrival at the venue.

Delivery of your locations will be within a maximum of 24 hours by the MRW courier.

According to the event which has made the purchase, delivery times may vary:

La Liga. Between 5 days and 48 hours before the event
Champions League. Between 15 and 48 hours before the event
Copa del Rey. Between 10 days and 48 hours before the event
Supercopa. Between 15 and 48 hours before the event
The price that puts on the web is the final price?

Yes. The management and distribution charges are included in the price showing the web
It will be charged only during the buying process shipping charges if appropriate. These are:

Shipments to Spain: 10,00 Euros
Other destinations anywhere in the world will be indicated during the purchase process
If you choose cash on delivery payment will have to pay an additional fee because management fees MRW.

Would I can deliver the book?

Yes. Delivery address indicated on the name and address of the hotel and will be delivered in the receipt. This is the most recommended for customers who buy from outside Spain to avoid having to pay the shipping option.

If I leave tickets at the hotel, there is a risk that I lose them?

No. makes the hotel sign a document justifying the delivery. Therefore, in case of a possible loss, the hotel is responsible for replenishment of inputs.

Can I bill you send purchase?

Yes. Along with the purchase invoice received from them.

Can I sell my tickets here?

If you have tickets available, leave the information in the mail and one of our agents will contact you.

What payment methods are there?

Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, …)

Can I know my exact location before making the purchase?

No. ensures that entries will receive will be in the area corresponding to the purchase, or failing in an area superior without you assume a surcharge. In case you want specific locations within an area, indíquenlo in “Notes on order” that will appear in Step 1 of the purchase process.

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