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The Copa del Rey is the national football championship organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation . It is played every year and involved the 84 best teams in Spain . . It is also known as Championship of Spain , Cup of His Majesty King mixing teams from different divisions , giving the opportunity to the “smallers” to play against the “bigers” . Every year we see amazing matches … do not miss it this year.

Copa del Rey is here.

This is the great tournament of the Spanish Federation which gathers 84 football teams of all divisions. This competition shows which team is the best in Spain.

In this tournament Barça is the undisputed king, the king of kings. In this habitat we have seen memorable moments of Barcelona as a team. How can we forget the anthological Messi´s goal against Getafe?

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When do I get my tickets?

Tickets, in physical and electronic, are received the week before the event. Organizers issue tickets around that time, often the same week.

How to guarantee that you will receive your tickets in time?

Make sure the delivery address is correct.

Be sure to correctly choose the delivery address where someone can sign the parcel, for example, your home or workplace.

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