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The league, now known as the Santander League (formerly Liga BBVA) is the top division of Spanish football league, where the best clubs in Spain participate. Originated in 1928-1929, it has never stopped with the exception of the civil war (1936-1939). Do not miss any game and buy your tickets here at the best price!

Is the Spanish League the best in the world?

Some days ago a living legend of football and the Premier League, Paul Scholes, openly declared that the Spanish Liga is, by far, better than the Premier.

And every year the same discussion arises.

Right now, the Santander League has just begun; it is time to ignite more fire in this heated argument.

The Premier is powerful by several factors: unique organization, stadiums of great quality, a strong market presence in the Commonwealth and Asian countries and much, much money.

The matches are unpredictable.

There is always a match in the week that involves great rivalry. I know I sound unsympathetic, but again: the money that handles this league is an absurd thing.

But the League continues in the first place

Paul Scholes went further and dared to say that even the Bundesliga (German league) is higher in quality than the Premier and Italian team Juventus would be leading if it played in the Isles.

Well, let´s include the facts to this discussion.

If we have to choose right now the team of the century, there would be no doubt that Barcelona would have the honors.

Many still remember when this team imposed a dictatorship in Europe and the world thanks to Ronaldinho. The Brazilian player was a wizard of impossible dribbling, a pure talent dancing samba with a ball.

And rarely in history, Ronaldinho gave his throne to a young Argentine from Rosario. It is a privilege to have Lionel Messi among us.

This generation is marked by his outstanding talent.

And thanks to him, Barcelona has won everything. Is Messi the best of all time? He is undoubtedly, according to many.

Of course we cannot ignore proper names such as Guardiola, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Luis Enrique, and many others who have made Barcelona the king of kings. All leagues in the world look far from Barsa and its achievements.

And if there is a team that has been able to hold this historic step, it is also there in La Liga. Real Madrid has had the merit of not going so far from Barsa.

Two Champions Leagues titles (11 and counting), and being the executioner of the same team, another Spanish team, Atletico Madrid.

With all the respect to other classical matches around the world: our planet holds its breathe twice a year to watch the Barsa-Real Madrid match.

We cannot fail to mention another player we will remember for many years: Cristiano Ronaldo. This league is lucky to see playing every week Messi and Cristiano. And the candidates to occupy that throne for the best player are also in that league.

Talents like Neymar and Bale also play there. We must add to this constellation of top players, the most talented head coach in recent years, a real master in the tactic game: Diego “Cholo” Simeone.

Let’s continue with numbers: last season in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and the Europe League, 6 out 16 teams were Spaniards.

And this constant has been repeating for several years. European leagues do not get the same formula for success. Another proper name: Sevilla has demonstrated the power of the middle class of the league.

In summary

Paul Scholes got to the point by saying that money is not everything. It is an identity and a style of playing the most important thing. And teams like Barcelona, Atletico and Sevilla are successful defenders of a style.

In La Liga, entertainment and business are not separate things. The fan is a member of the team and decides.

Cycles always come to an end. Meanwhile, it is worth continue to enjoy every day of this exciting league that has managed to make small things right.

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